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How I did it..Getting back to worthy

So I’ve been thinking about this conversation I had this week with a sweet soul from across the country.. she asked me “How I did it? How did you get back to feeling worthy?” She wanted me to fill her soul and she ended up filling mine, funny how God works like that, but after this conversation in two days I probably talked to another ten girls about the same things. I am no life expert and certainly not a biblical one. All I have is my Jesus story and what He is teaching me now, and if it helps then sure- I’ll pour it on you. Step one. Identify what it is you’re struggling with. What is on your plate? Section this plate off; divide it into groups. Now- know this: the enemy has been watching you. He knows about your labeled plate and if you’ve already tried to give portions of that plate to Jesus? He knows that too. Satan is and will always use your insecurities to fight you, or even better- make you fight you. Step two. You need to air this stuff out with God, but you also have to air it out with you. Why did Jesus die on that cross? TO FORGIVE. Honey, the forgiveness you’re struggling with isn’t forgiveness from Jesus, its forgiveness from you! Once you’ve been broken, you can’t part with those pieces. Sweep them under the rug and step over them. You can’t make anything broken whole again without every piece, without every chip. And to put glue on those pieces you have to accept them. Good people do bad things; it’s been this way since the beginning. God expects us to feel conviction but He knows were not perfect- the problem is sometimes we don’t. Accept your mistakes, they are a part of your person. I truly believe God has placed me in this particular position with people because I’ve made so many mistakes. SO MANY. But y’all, I’m not scared to talk about them anymore. I needed those ugly pieces, I still do. Step three. Realize that forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. Just because you forgive you and God forgives you doesn’t mean everyone else will. Matthew (and multiple other places: psalms, proverbs, James) tells you to make all attempts to reconcile. It does not say hey, say sorry and that’s just the magic word to make the world rain glitter. Hurt doesn’t work like that. It’s going to take time for you to forgive you, consider that when you’re seeking forgiveness from others- and when they don’t… (this is a hard one) let it go anyway. Step four. This is where it’s time to take the car to the shop. You know what’s wrong. You’ve accepted it. You attempted to troubleshoot it yourself. Now it’s time to drop it off at the shop; let the professional work His magic. And know when you leave it that Satan doesn’t like no “fixed” anything. He will come for you harder. He will attack you (and your problem) heavier. Be prepared for this. Every wrong has consequences. I’ve had my share, you’ll have yours but don’t fight with words and weapons. Fight with grace. Recognize that feelings of guilt, emptiness, loneliness, anger, bitterness, resentment, and shame are NOT feelings of God but of SATAN- and when fought with feelings of love and mercy and goodness and grace- darkness will lose Every. Single. Time. He is so good, y’all. Even when life feels like it’s not.. He is. Stay on the right side of your consequences. Even in the storm the blessings will start to rain; you just have to find them in the clouds. Identify, accept, realize, then lay it down. God will use your pieces to build you new, but while He works on the problem- you work on you. Love y’all, Katie If you want to know more about my walk, if you’re lost and need some help.. I’ve been there. Let’s get personal. I’m here to help you. I’m here to listen. Let’s walk through this temporary and let’s walk towards eternal. “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it” John 1:5

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