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the storms and the stillness

it’s been months since i’ve sat down with the intent to write about how God has been moving in my life, but it hasn’t been months since i’ve noticed.

I have been burning His line up lately, and there is indeed power in prayer.

it’s been a good season, but one of trial too.

one of business – which is a powerful tool of satan – but in the business i’ve challenged myself to see God in all of it, and to be more like Jesus in all of it too.

one of appreciating the gifts He’s given me and standing firm in the faith that He is in control and knowing that whatever happens, it will be okay – because He says and because He’s shown me.

many people i love are being challenged with an array of trials and uncertainties.

they’re tired, or they’re scared, or they’re just lost.

part of me hurts for that pain of theirs – i’ve felt it too – but another part of me rejoices in it.

I do not feel shaken anymore. I have never known a peace like I have felt in this season of my life, and I am so thankful for that and it doesn’t make sense to me. How can I be so at peace with everything going on with the people I love?

“God reveals himself in the mysteries.” – Albert Einstein

But for those that haven’t felt this ease in their life and certainly don’t right now – in the middle of their storms, my advice is to stand firm.

Yesterday my sister called me at 8am and my heart sank when I saw her name on my phone because the last time she woke me up around that hour, it was to deliver devastating news. News that would later influence my walk with God and my life forever. One that I now see as a necessary step to move me in the right direction.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m okay, I just need to talk to you.”

The conversation was good news.

God had given answers for questions we have prayed about for months.

I could barely find words to respond.

She probably thought I was still half asleep and didn’t really care to process what she told me – the same way I didn’t care 15 years ago when she woke me up to tell me her pet hamster died because our mom fed it tortilla chips when she ran out of hamster food.

but this was a different kind of loss of words.

I was in astounding awe of God.

My brain could do nothing but place the puzzle pieces together – the pieces He laid and had been laying for a vast amount of our lifetimes.

How perfectly they all fit together absolutely blew my mind.

I am still in awe of it.

I’ve always known we serve a mighty God but how perfectly the details fell together was flooring.

Storms are hard. But the calmness of watching the dust settle afterwards is like a sight I still cannot describe.

Our God is so big.

He is in the details – every. single. detail. and one day, it will all be brought to light.

Those puzzle pieces reveal an art that only the same God who created the heavens and the earth could create.

You just have to have faith.

I promise when it is revealed, you will know it from Him and it will change your perspective of our Almighty forever.

And when you see it happen again, your soul will burn a fire for Him – a fire than can and will destroy everything you have to overcome. with ease.

Nothing is too big for Him.

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