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Why I didn't cry

I’m sorry I didn’t cry family, I know you’re sad, me too She’s grown me most my life, you know- she helped grow all of you too Of course I’ll miss her everyday, for reasons more than one- what’s so great about death, you see, is her battle is finally won. I’ll no longer feel her hands on me, to tell me it’s okay- but I’ll feel her whispers in my heart every time I pray We will never hear that laugh again, see the room light bright when she smiles- praise god she’s not tired anymore though, she’ll be with us miles and miles I’m sorry I didn’t cry family, I know your sad, me too But she said don’t worry about me please, it’s all I ask of you We never want to say goodbye, no one wants that pain- but she met our Perfect Father y’all, there’s nothing better to gain No, you can’t hug her again or hear I love you hun but Step outside and breathe the air, she’ll kiss you with the sun So much light has turned so dark, I know it’s hard to see- I’ve been here before with God once a baby now as me, The grass is green, the waters still, the light so righteously bright Enjoy my memories, but live your life- I’ve finally won my fight To the right of the Father I’ll sit right here I’ll watch you every day, I know you don’t feel it now, my babies, but you’re going to be okay This is how He planned it, His will shall always be- But I’ve lived a long life baby, so don’t you cry for me For my sweet Gracie and anyone else experiencing a tough loss. Hugs

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