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Fear not, little flock

Luke 12 is about Jesus telling his disciples to not be anxious but Jesus tells us that too.

Anxiety is not unfamiliar to me or to many others also. We are an anxious breed. It’s hard to not worry about the things of the world.

“Will I get that job?”

“Will I be able to have children someday?”

“What if another one of my family members die and I’m left with almost no one? How will I go on?”

All of those things are earthy worries. Things that will not matter eventually; because everyone is going to die – including myself. And that job, or that relationship will not have gotten me any closer to my forever destination. It will have satisfied my earthly body, but it will make no difference on my immortal soul.

At an event on Saturday, a man said something along the lines of, “We are supernatural beings trying to become satisfied in a natural world.”

It. Doesn’t. Happen.

Nothing will ever satisfy us fully. Nothing on this earth was ever created to satisfy us the way that Jesus can. Not the job or the money or the house or the perfect husband is going to cure us of the human desire for more. There will always be something more than we “need” or we want until we have Jesus – until we have heaven.

But Jesus – he cures that desire.

He cures that anxiety.

He gives us hope for a future – where the earthly cards you were dealt mean absolutely nothing other than – despite everything – your faith and love preserved for Him.

Stay faithful, friend.

Keep your eyes where they belong.

I love you.

You’ve got this.

Have a good week!

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