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For the people who dont deserve it

How many of you have that ugh, just whatever kind of person in your life? The overly-likeable, all-put together, fictitiously decorated with perfected smiles and great character- kind of person. Yeah me, too. Having one of my heart to hearts with a friend of mine and I had to make a confession. Im the literally the most un-judgemental, probably been there before, its fine, lets fix this kind of person.. like ever… until I cross the path of someone that isnt as good as they let on.. then I, admittingly, am judgemental to a fault. How in Gods name does she have that many people fooled? How in the world is she one of the chosen ones in church on Sunday, and talking like that when the sun sets the same afternoon. You said who was going on a mission trip? Spits coffee, for what? Whatever, sure they are. Ive seen who she really is… Yall Im so serious, Ive done that. Dont ask, yes, Im embarrassed. Ive just finished reading the book of Jonah and Jesus was as on-time with this Old Testament prophecy in my life as that fish was in Jonahs. God taught Jonah a lesson about obeying Him and Jonah learned it, was passionate about it, couldnt wait to share it with the people. Me too. Jonah sets out to do what God asked the first time, and He is successful. The people heard and understood; they came to God, was sorry, wanted to turn their lives around… and God said great, okay. I changed my mind, I wont destroy you after all. Jonah says wait? WHAT? Hes mad at God. How can you do that. They dont deserve those blessings. They dont deserve Your mercy. What did they get ate by? Nothing. Forgive them, but for heavens sake make them sorry, make them earn it. And here I am sitting amen, Jonah preach. Lessons learned are lessons lived. Thats what Mama say. And so Jonah had another lesson to learn in chapter four. So did I. God told Jonah that he had put time into these people, invested in these people, loved these people and He was entitled to do whatever He pleases with them… but Jonah had done nothing and earned nothing and what he had, it was given to Him by the same grace it was given to the others he was so upset over. As people we like to belong, we want to fit.. but we also like to decide who doesnt fit. She deserves grace, but she doesnt. She deserves forgiveness but not that girl. Right then, I recognized that very same anger in myself- on a personal level, in an intimate way. When I look at my ugh whatever people and I see the Lord giving them favor and Blessings, Im like Jonah.. wait, what? Youre wasting that on someone that doesnt deserve God, someone that doesnt even care… And then I remembered all the times I didnt deserve it.. all the times I wont.. Jonah 4:2 says I knew that you are a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, changing your mind on disaster. Grace– a favor that is free and so good that it can not be earned Mercy- a god that does not give us what we deserve Slow to anger– a god that is patient with us as we stumble around who we want to be into who we are Steadfast love- because it takes a love that constantly pours over us who consistently fall short Changing his mind from disaster- bc he beat wreckage for us. Paid it in full, because our lives will forever be, even unknowingly, littered with sin and He loves us enough to clean up our messes, to clean up our hearts. Jesus says Love for everybody, not just you. While this gift is only accepted by few, it was meant for many.


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