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Getting Back To Worthy Devotional sample! 

More than anything, I answer questions about how I made my way back to Jesus- how I keep it up. I wrote a quick devotional tool with pieces of my journey. It’s a day by day guide with sister scripture and daily reflection! Here’s a sample of the devotional! The link to free download is at the bottom of the page! Hope this encourages you, lovies!

Day 5: Let your faith cost you something. I read once that calling Jesus Lord is an empty statement if it never makes a difference in your life. Isn’t that heavy? All those other steps- all of that painful stuff we just sludged through doesn’t mean anything if we stop right here. This process has to mean something to you; it already does or you would not be skimming these pages. You want change, for things to be different, for life to be different. Different literally means not the same as another. This is where people get lost. Community compels us to blend in while Christ continuously call us to be separate. There are going to be choices. The scripture says whoever does not stand with me is against me. Yall this is so SO important. You can go to an event with two friends and sit in the middle because you enjoy them both and that is fine, but that is not okay with Jesus. If you are uncertain of where you want to sit, your decision is already made. You can’t sit in the middle. If you’re not Completely on my side, you aren’t with me at all. The only good half-and-half is the kind you put in coffee. You’ve got to get there. There is not a neutral option. There is a reason this is not a choice. In an old parable, there was a seed that fell on fertile ground among thorns. It grew with them and eventually become choked out. Just like we cannot sit in the middle, we also cannot be too fertile, too accepting. We’re starting over fresh. This seed is new. That other stuff? It’s been growing for years! You plant your new self around old stuff on fertile ground, around all those old bad habits, and your seed is going to grow. The problem is so will everything else. What has been there longest will naturally choke out what is just learning to take its roots. You are going to have to lose some stuff. It’s not that your intentions aren’t good, it’s just that the desires of other things, of middle seats, will swallow you up. Keep healthy soil, hold on to your seed, but dig that other stuff up. You know the things your new life will not tolerate so weed them out and then grow. There are going to be choices, and if you want to move forward, you have to pay up. Click Here to get your free download emailed to you! Xoxo, Katie

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