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God is a Good Defense Attorney

I set my TV to record War Room months ago.

I’ve never seen it, and I’ve heard how good it was.

I didn’t need it for my marriage; I learned how to appreciate that the hard way. My husband has too.

But God always has a message.

The message is always on time.

I was riding with a dear friend of mine in the car yesterday. My exact words to her were, “I know I could do something, but I’m so worried about being outside of God’s will that I’m afraid to. I don’t know where the line is drawn between laying down and doing the next right thing is… and hold up now, you’re not just going to run over me.”

I prayed over it. God answered through words that didn’t apply to my marriage, but do apply to my life.


I still don’t have the answer to my question, but what I just learned is this…

“What am I supposed to do? Just back off… choose to forgive and just let them walk all over me?”

“God is a good defense attorney. Trust it to Him and then you can turn your focus to the real enemy.”

The real enemy seeks to distract you, deceive you, and divide you from God.

Satan distracts you by luring you in by your weaknesses.

Satan deceives you by fooling you into thinking there’s something YOU can do, to change your circumstances.

Satan divides you from the Lord when you jump to actions that God has not called you to because Satan knows your feelings just like God knows your needs.

This is how it works. Satan came to steal kill and destroy and he is stealing your joy, killing your faith, and destroying what he can.

Get your heart right with God and do your fighting in prayer.

I read a book recently that said, “Arguments don’t change people, only God can change people.”

… but we still try…

We try to navigate things in our life like it’s our own.

We don’t feel like “it’s fair” and so we see what we can do to make it even.

We even speak to the enemy sometimes like they even care what we have to say.

It’s not our life. Things aren’t fair. And He don’t care.

Nothing we do will change any of those things, but doing all of those things will make them harder.

When we hear the word idol, most of us think of things like the golden calf.

A song that I love sets this straight.

The lyrics say this:

Anything I put before my God is an Idol.

Anything I want with all my heart is an idol.

Anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol.

Anything I give all my love is an idol.


It’s easy to say, “God comes first in my life, then my family….” and then so on.

But what do you desire? What do you want so bad to come to pass?

What can your mind not let go of? That you feel like you think about constantly?

What do you pour yourself in to? Your children? Your work? Your marriage?

Satan uses good things in bad ways all the time. It’s because he’s learned that we will believe half truths over full lies every day of the week.

God tells us to forgive but Satan says only if they’re sorry.

God tells us to love but Satan says only if they deserve it.

God tells us to be still but Satan compels us to do something.

God tells us to wait but Satan demands us to act now.

I wish I knew the line between walked on and ran over; I don’t.

I do know Jesus was cursed at and spat on and I ain’t no Jesus and you aren’t either.

Ephesians 6 makes it clear that even though it may seem like it’s people we need to protect ourselves from or fight back it, it’s not.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places” Eph. 6:12

It’s not people we’re battling, but Satan. The real enemy hides behind the manipulation of our weakness to keep from exposing himself as pure evil. We’re much more inclined to fight when we think we may have a chance at winning, but we were never a match for Satan. If we were, we wouldn’t have needed Jesus.

And thank God for Jesus.


I pray the you will expose the enemy in every form; that you will make his presence both known and despised and replace his half truths with Your Eternal ones. I pray that You will keep us protected from ourselves and the humanness that calls us to action while Your Holiness commands us to stay. God let us not be deceived into thinking that anything we do in our own power can positively intervene in a plan You have already previously perfected and God let us set You above all things both good and not so that You will have full reign over not only our hearts but also our lives. God thank you so much for loving us even when we forget to love you. Thank You for Grace; thank You for You.


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