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If you're wondering what it's about…

If you’re wondering about what this small group is about, what it looks like.. here’s an piece of tonight’s study. Wrapping up tonight..Peace in Christ. How do we find peace in all the mess? Ladies, I don’t have the solidary answer to this questions, but I can tell you.. it starts with faith. Real faith. Not the kind that lets you post a bible verse on your Facebook only to go on about your day, but the active kind of faith. You have to be consistent in the word, feeding that relationship with our Lord. Like you spend time with your kids, your husband, your friends- SPEND TIME WITH HIM, in whatever way. Active participation. I’m not here to judge or convict or point out what youre doing wrong.. I’ve probably been there myself, I may be there again. I want to mentor you, to encourage you, to learn with you about digging deeper. Y’all I was trying to dig. And my hole got deeper and deeper. I had fake faith. I was the Bible verse poster; they show up on my Facebook memories and I cringe because I spelled all the words right, but I had no idea what they meant, how to feel them. It took a very dark experience, the straw on my personal camels back, that made me see my unforgiveness, my bitterness, my selfishness. All of my fault came piling into my hole I had dug myself into and suddenly, quite literally, I. COULD. NOT. BREATHE. And I prayed. Not the empty, selfish prayers I have been praying over for months and months to make my circumstances bright, but actual heart-felt, ugly crying, I cannot do this anymore, prayers. I meant it. Believe me when I tell you- it is by far the most peaceful, intimate moment I will ever have the pleasure of remembering in my life. My problems were no different, my circumstances looked the same… but I could breathe, and I knew why. Maybe you’ve had that moment already and something has pushed you to letting that fire burn soft, maybe you haven’t had that feeling at all, but I promise it is worth whatever price your life calls you to pay to get it back, to get it period. I will do everything I can’t to help you get there. Active faith. Here is my bible

There are many more pages that look just like this one. My heart overflowing beside Gods words, picking piece by little piece of my brokenness up and building it into a whole, protected child of God. If he’s tugging at your heart, answer. I’d be happy for any of you 2500 viewers that have visited this site to join in and grow with me! Want more info? Follow by email, Message me or Comment. The full lesson on James 3 is available on my page tucked in the security of password protection for your privacy!

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