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In faithfulness

I’ve had a lot of favorites from Exodus, but the story at Mount Sinai takes the cake lately.

When God came to Mount Sinai, the veil was torn; and God brought fire, trumpets, thunder, and clouds so thick that daylight disappeared.

The event was unfamiliar, powerful, and scary to all who witnessed.

The Israelites were so frightened by God and His supernatural approach. It seemed scary and dangerous and they wanted no part in it – so they told Moses to let God do all the talking to him and he could just relay the message.

I have never been a speaker in general, much less a public speaker. But this past weekend I was faced with a very testing opportunity that STOMPED my toes so hard I folded.

I attended Emmaus this past weekend, and wrapping up that life changing experience a closing ceremony was held to share our answer to a question somewhere along the lines of: “What did you learn about Jesus in your spent time here and how has it changed your perspective?”

The awkward silence lasted a couple of minutes before someone gained the courage to walk to the podium – the silence grew louder and louder in between each person who had the bravery to share their thoughts.

One thing I definitely learned at Emmaus is in silence, God speaks loud.

“Okay. She said we don’t have to share unless we feel called to.” I told myself, but God pressed on my heart harder and harder the more I tried to ignore Him.

“God, do not do this to me – please don’t do this to me.” I said as I contemplated the worth of what I had to say but my “call” got louder and louder with each moment of silence between each person leaving the podium.

“Fine. I’ll go.” I told God in frustration and in fear.

“As soon as the next person leaves the podium, walk up immediately so you don’t have time to think about it anymore.” I told myself.

So I did. I don’t remember all of what I said up there, but I don’t think it mattered if I did or not. God laid those words on my heart and said go. And the last thing prior to “go to the podium” that God said to me was. “I gave you healing, now go be my hands and feet.

So I went.

After all, God had done ALOT for me in those prior 72 hours, I could do one thing for Him to say thank you.

And I have faith that even if my words did not make sense to me (or many others), they made sense to SOMEONE and that person needed to hear the words that God laid on my heart at that podium.

God left the 99 for 1 – and I was okay with my comfort being the 99 in that moment if it meant He could use me for 1.

God’s power is beyond anything we as humans can comprehend, and He has a birds-eye view of our lives that we cannot see.

Moses at mount Sinai drew near to the “scary” in obedience because he knew it was God, and he knew it was OF God for Him to move past fear and come forth.

Being brave is one thing, but being obedient is everything for us as christians.

It is not fun leaving your comfort zone. It’s scary out there – but when God calls us somewhere – even when that somewhere is to a podium in front of 100+ strangers with shaky hands and lightheadedness or a lightening filling mountain with trumpets – it has purpose.

God loves us regardless. His love for us is immeasurable and undeserved. There is nothing we could ever do to make Him love us any more or any less than He has from the day He created us, but I feel in order for us to reach our purpose, we must be as brave and as obedient as He asks us to be.

God is faithful; let us do our best to be faithful for Him too.

Love you all,

Kristen Denton

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