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Phillipians 1:1-11 "Love. Growth. Grace"

Let’s look together at Philippians chapter 1:1-11.

Incase you don’t have your Bible out, here’s the scripture. This book in the Bible was written while Paul was in prison. It’s a letter to the Church of Philipi, which happens to be the first church founded in Europe- just a little background… now… to translate.. I’m so thankful for you guys. I’m just happy every time I pray for y’all because you have been with me, cheering me on, supporting me, since the very beginning until now. I know God is going to finish what He started in y’all, all the way across the finish line when Jesus brings us home. It does not matter what my circumstances are, I am in jail right now, but just like all of you God is with me, His grace is sufficient in all things good and not good. I care about all of you so very much, as close to the feelings of God as I humanly can, and because of that here’s what I want for you- and this is what we will focus on. “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ- to the glory and praise of God” Philippians 1:9-11 It starts with a little love for something greater than yourself; you won’t always choose it, but I hope your love grows so big that you’ll want to. Spend time getting to know God, His heart for you- you can’t complete understand a love so great but that just shows you how big it is- how deep. Let that depth teach you things, store them up to help you see what is right vs what is almost right. We’re taught morals at such a young age. Tell a lie, your nose gets bigger, say something ugly your tongue gets soaped… rules are easy… but discerning between Satan and Savior, without the right relationship, can be like as clear as mud. Right and almost right… what’s so hard is the path with the good Jesus may require a walk through thorns… and the bad guy paved you a path of roses- looks pretty, easier.. but what’s underneath the flower? So that you may be pure. Pure- unmixed. A heart that seeks to please the Lord instead of the one that tries to please everybody. So that you may be blameless when He comes and gets you. Not perfect. Blameless. This is that big love- Jesus loves you, not for what you have done for Him but who you are to Him. Filled with the fruit of righteousness through Jesus- being the best you can be not from your own good work but through Christs work in you and thanking God, who deserves the praise, because He cared enough about me to send someone to do what I cannot on my own, Save. Like Paul and this church, we have to be with one another- encouraging and supporting each other. We start with love but we have to grow there. Know with certainty that the right path won’t always be the easy one and when it’s not, that’s okay because even when it doesn’t seem like He’s good, He so is. Y’all he’s alive and he’s with us and he’s beside us.. he wore thorns on His head- how can you not justify treading over a few with your feet? Paul, in a dark 1st century prison, knew how good He was, that He was still in gods will even if things didn’t look Pauls way. I mean I don’t want to go to prison now, can you even imagine?? Love Him and let Him create in you a pure heart, one that recognizes what’s better but even more what’s best so that you will not be perfect but still blameless. I planted a seed, I watered it with Jesus and out grew this life that shows who my heart loves- I didn’t grow it perfect but I grew it the best I could..and thank you Jesus, by the grace of God, that is enough. It starts with love Its easier with support But the choice is for You. Love y’all, Katie

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