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Protect your good place ??

Goodmorning all Sunday Risers! I just wanted to share some quick thoughts on my quiet reading this morning before all of my little feets start hitting the floor!! Reading Job 15… let me start by saying for me, it’s been “one of those” weeks, and my week won.. sort of.. so.. in reference to that… “When all seems well, wanderers will attack” Job 15:21 I finally found a good place to rest in, I dealt with all the bad, chopped it all off, and moved forward into a deeper relationship with the Lord. I spend time with Him everyday, but I’ve rested. When you’re dealing with someone or something that is difficult… you’re most likely more on guard than when your days are full of sunshine. Correct? More prayer, more scripture, more involved. But y’all it’s when you’re in a GOOD place, when things are going WELL, you are doing WELL, that ugly tries to sneak in because your spiritual guard is planting flowers instead of actively protecting you. Rest, but don’t be lazy. Or you’ll be standing in your fresh flowers going “Seriously God, why today? What even happened just then?” God is constantly speaking gentle words of encouragement to us. Those words are just that; they are gentle. But sin? Sin is loud and engaging. Listen for Him; He will be the quiet voice behind that loud one saying “oh no.. just hold on, let me tell you….” “Your sin prompts your mouth…. your own mouth condemns you, not mine; your own lips testify against you” job 15: 5-6 I’ll say again.. sin is engaging. Plant your flowers, but protect your good place just like you prayed to get out of the bad one. Things- people- are just itching to tear you down, protect what’s yours and don’t involve yourselves in messy; Jesus will weed out the ugly for you. You won’t have to answer for how someone treated you, but you will have to answer for how you acted. “This is what the Lord says, I am making a way” Isaiah 43 As your week starts, rest in knowing He is already ahead of you, paving your way. He doesn’t put bad things in your path, but He does deal with them in His own time… Plant your flowers, listen to His quiet voice, and leave the pruning to Him.

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