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Punishment vs. Obedience

forgiveness and sin and how that relationship works with Jesus has always been very complex to me.

God says don’t judge – it’s not your place, but it’s hard not to.

He says don’t idolize or envy – but it’s so easy to see someone who “has it all” & be jealous of them.

sometimes telling a lie is easier then telling the truth.

why do we constantly have to fight to be obedient to God’s word if we are forgiven and He loves us anyway?

the answer is because He wants us to love Him just as much.

in the same way that you honor and respect your spouse, best friend, parent, or kid – God wants you to honor and respect your relationship with Him also.

think about the relationships mentioned above.

you prioritize time with them.

you respect them.

it truly makes you happy to see them happy.

it hurts you to see them hurt.

it’s hard to picture your relationship with God as a relationship sometimes rather than just a belief because a lot of that relationship is based on faith. by that i mean, we cannot physically look Jesus in the eyes, ask a question, and receive a verbal response.

just like we cannot look Him in the eyes after committing sin and see the hurt it caused His heart. just because He forgives us doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt him; but in human relationships, those stipulations are different.

when you hurt someone who is not Jesus, the odds they will serve you some sort of consequence, in one way or another, is almost certain.

but Jesus- a sinless man who was slain for our sins, does not want to punish us for our sins.

He took that punishment.

He wants us to value our relationship with Him because if we do not – our relationship is strained.

sin separates us from God. but not only that; obedience bonds us to God. it makes our relationship more of a relationship & not a religion.

just because Jesus doesn’t sit on our bed and solve all of our problems doesn’t mean he hasn’t offered His advice.

all of the answers and advice you are looking for is in His word. it just takes a tiny bit of obedience and determination for them to reach you.

and when you stay consistent in searching for those answers, Jesus is gonna tell you some things you didn’t ask Him about along the way.

that’s when your heart starts to change.

that’s when not judging that person who was rude to you gets easier.

that’s when not comparing yourself to the girl who “has it all” doesn’t cross your mind.

that’s when you realize telling the truth is actually a lot less complicated than covering up a lie.

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