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Roses are red, Violets are blue…

Roses are red, violets are blue- if you’ve been the wrong way, this post is for you. So the other day I was taking one of my tiny humans to a cheer performance, a basket ball game. Local. Just me and her; she requested that everybody else stay home. Enjoying our time, It’s a good night. She performs, they do great, and it’s time to leave. It’s dark outside, but I live here, right? So I’m familiar. No big deal. I mean except I’m scared of the dark but luckily Paytan packed a pair of my high heeled, suede boots to put on after her performance (yes, I’m serious) so worst case scenario, we have a weapon. Sort of. So we are in the car headed home when I realize… Oh heyyy that house is cute.. also hey… that’s not on our way home. I missed my turn. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, maybe it was too dark and I just couldn’t see where I was going, maybe I’m just really bad with directions. The point is… I didn’t get lost that night in the dark.. but I have before. Ever taken a wrong turn? Maybe been a little inattentive to something important that kind of threw you of course? Yeah, me too. See where I’m going with this? Jesus walked on water. He puts his people in a boat and goes off to pray by himself. Unrelated to this actual story, note that He went to a quiet place alone to pray. By the time He got back, the wind was so bad it had blown the boat a good hop from land. No big deal for Jesus, He just steps on the water. Nevermind me friends; I’ll just walk on top of this wet, be there in a second. It scared them, something floating on water in the middle of night… I’d have been scared too. They thought it was a ghost. I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t have stayed around to see. Jesus told them hey guys, take courage, it’s me. Don’t be scared. Peter says show me, if it’s you, call me out there with you. and Jesus did. So Peter just hops out on the wet too and starts to walk. The wind starts to blow, and Peter gets scared. Here he is STANDING on water, LOOKING at Jesus RIGHT there and he was scared of some wind. He was INATTENTIVE to Jesus and he began to sink. He took his eyes off our Lord for just one second and down he went. He asked Jesus for help and Jesus immediately caught him mid-fall, saved him and they both went back to the boat. Can you imagine? I’m pretty scared of the dark, but I cannot comprehend being scared of anything with my eyes on Jesus. Maybe you’ve made a mistake that left you sitting in the dark. You’ve taken a wrong turn or just missed it all together; you’re looking for a way out of your mess, some peace. It could be that you’re still floating some, but because you’ve gotten comfortable you were a little inattentive to the things around you and now the wind is violently shaking your life like it was shaking Peter’s boat. Or you know you’re right or in the right place.. and it’s a little dark, but with a little light things will be fine. Jesus is light. and with him ANYTHING can be made new. I don’t care what your struggle is.. It’s all hard. Actually that’s a lie, I do care, but for the sake of point here… LET THE LIGHT IN. Turn it on and TRUST it. If it is right to trust Jesus at all, why not trust Him in everything? God will never ask you to do anything without guiding you through it. You can’t just dismiss your dark days, you have to find Jesus in them. You will never have things too hard or too easy that you don’t need Jesus. Have big faith, trust Him. Little faith will only accomplish great things for a little time.Get out of the boat. Come on He says. Come to me. When it gets dark His pain has purpose, I promise you’re learning something. So walk in the dark WITH him, keep your eyes forward and your head up and learn. If you’re doubting where you’re at or why you’re there…be careful.. your dark is taking you down, don’t lose to dark. Don’t sink. xoxo Katie

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