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The year of drought

Jesus is the water; He is the stream, continuous life. We know this, or we have at least heard it. Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains… then why aren’t my mountains moving? Why do I feel so small? Planting something to see how it grows is a beautiful thing, but we always think about the flower. We never consider the dirt. The beginning. Everything that blooms has a season of start. It feels dark and cold; it’s dirty. I mean isn’t that what dirt is? Dirty? I haven’t planted many flowers in my life, but the ones I have.. haven’t been clean. Every thing I’ve ever grown that requires light started in darkness; it started in dirt. You don’t purchase seeds knowing with absolute certainty that they will be beautiful. You just trust that they will. You plant them in the right spot, follow the instructions, and trust that the light will work it’s magic. Sure, it will progress slowly at first, hours will feel like days, and days like seasons but we wait faithfully knowing there’s blooming beauty to spring from the dirt, from something so small. Why is it so easy to trust in the power of the sun, but not the power of The Light? Plant yourself by the water. Our soul needs the spirit as much as our bodies need the stream, as much as we need water. New soil, fresh starts, the valleys- sure they can all feel dark and heavy, but that’s why you’ve planted yourself by life. The water is so plentiful, y’all. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Even when the heat comes and everything around you seems so empty and lifeless, the river still flows. There is never a drought; His water is always plenty; His blood is always clean. In any season, in every way, He is good. He can be trusted. You know you can feel the sun, but can you trust The Light? Come to the water, follow the instructions, and wait. When you feel like you’re being buried, you’re actually being planted. Let the light in, pretty girl. God has the rest!

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