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Under attack without armored vests

Ever felt like you were standing in a circle of people (girls) and felt like (knew) you didn’t fit? Or maybe.. you are struggling with something.. a decision.. a people.. a loss… a just flat out problem… and you are just sure it’s winning? No matter which way you step or how many steps you take you just can’t seem to get ahead of it. Anybody been there? Let me set this up for you. Judges 4 The Israelites are back to acting up. God gives them over to this man Sisera and his awful people to get their attention. Did you know God would use basically any force necessary to get our attention and keep us aligned with His will? Yeah me neither..until recently. These men were MANY. They were armed, fitted with iron, and just cruel. And Israel cried out. Ever heard of Deborah? (I had not, new follower here) He chose her to go get the bad guys and save Israel, again. She and another man set up for battle. Less men, no iron, and no fight. But the Lord went first, ahead of them.. and they followed in faith. Guess what, they won. Surprised? Yeah, me neither BUT isn’t that easier said than done? You’re standing in a circle of girls, misfitted. You’re stepping towards this person, this problem, your struggle and it’s defeating you. Big, it is kicking your tail. You want to quit because you feel like you “just can’t” anymore. This is what Satan wants. He doesn’t just want Christians discouraged though. He wants them completely disarmed. It’s easy to feel scared or intimidated by something you feel ill equipped to handle. Here you are unarmed and society… life… is attacking you from all sides and they are wearingiron vests! Walk by faith. You do not need a vest to take on nasty looks, the talk, the finances, the problem. Let whoever use whatever ammunition they want. You have JESUS. And He walks ahead of you (Judges 4:14). And guess what guys, His resources are infinite… just like His love. Don’t be defeated. Do not give up. Stand in the group of girls. Push forward. Take the steps. The life we live is a battle. We fight with people. We fight with sin. We fight with ourselves and sometimes we feel like we’re up against the world. Jesus, y’all. HE IS THE ANSWER. And He’s not just here to fix our problems at our convenience; He’s here to fix our hearts. We can fight it as long as we want, but the battle.. it is already won. And with Jesus, so have you.

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