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When revenge feels right…

This is not proofed, not rehearsed, This is raw. The reward is greater, everybody. Feel it. Today I do not have a long elaborate story on “listen to what happened to me” or one particular story in the bible to lead what’s on my heart. So excuse the poorly prepared words, today is just Jesus mixed with some heart heaviness. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been reading pieces in Judges, Matthew, Genesis, and Job. As much as these books don’t have in common, they do. Are you harboring anger from your past? Settling in in the comfort of bitterness because well “I deserve to be bitter, that person did me wrong”? Maybe we’ve made some promises we shouldn’t have or had some promises broken, and it’s left us lost and hurting. Defeat has set in and it’s everything you can do to just push through the day, going through the motions in life, in marriage- like that is a healthy way to live. The things around you- the choices you’ve made- the influences of people, of things, of world… all of its swarming and you’re weak. Incase you didn’t know… YOU ARE WEAK. That is why you sometimes feel that way. Time and time again in the Bible we are shown that we just can’t, not without God. Pretend for one second you are strong enough to handle it on your own. “I don’t need anybody to take care of me. I can take care of myself.” I’ve said it. I’ve been so mad before that I found comfort in the thought of revenge- knowing good and well the difference between right and wrong. Over and over we will try and make allowances for our sin, justify the haughty ways in which we conduct ourselves because well “they did it first.” The more we try and show others our “Do it myself” attitudes, the more likely God is to come in and show you that you won’t. But… I’ve always heard do unto others because they first did unto you, right? No, y’all- not right.When we are willing to abandon the question of right or wrong and trade it for “I wonder if that would work; I wonder if I could some how get by with this,”… We have caused ourselves some serious spiritual grief. One of the biggest mistakes we can possibly make is letting God’s grace serve as a barrier of protection against us and our want to intentionally cause hurt to others. Self serving, I’ve said it before I’ll say it today; I’ll probably say it again. Serving yourself leads to a hostile life. Have you ever thought about how many battles you’ve engaged in with the “enemy” that actually started with a battle within yourself? Ever took two steps back and acknowledged your own accountability in the mistakes, the hurt, the anger? Not you, no way? THAT’S where we utilize God’s grace, His mercy, His UNFAILING, UNENDING love. Not for the justification of ill intent, but for heartfelt remorse of others, remorse for ourselves. If you’re feeling angry, bitter, defeated, or just lost… be careful. Even a person full of spirit is easily subjected to do foolish things. The holy spirit does not control us, He guides us, and that guidance can be resisted. Let it go; Don’t avenge, instead release. The more you hold onto in this life, the heavier your feet- the harder to move forward. Instead of letting a situation control your heart, How about giving your heart to Him to control? He wants to and He can. HUGS Katie

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