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Wherever He Calls – Go.

John 6:16-21

Jesus sends his disciples across the sea of Galilee in the dark.

They obey – in doing so, they face pretty unsteady waters and were working HARD for little to no progress. It took them somewhere between 6 and 8 hours to get 3 or 4 miles into their 8 mile sail to their destination – Capernaum. They were angry. If I’m being honest, I probably would be too. I don’t have much patience (or physical stamina) and 8 hours is a long time.

Obeying Jesus lead them there. In the middle of the sea of Galilee working their tails off, barely putting distance between them and the land they came from.

Jesus had gone to a mountain alone to pray. They did not see Him, and did not expect Him to be around; but He was watching them. He saw them struggling, but He also saw them being obedient.

Mark 6:48 – “He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them. Shortly before dawn he went out to them, walking on the lake.”

Jesus, being the guy He is, stopped praying to come to their rescue. Right before the sun came up, He walks out on the water to meet them.

The disciples see a man walking on water towards them in the middle of a storm. They were scared. Jesus gave them instructions to follow and went away. They were doing as they were told. The last person they were expecting was Jesus. But there He was.

Jesus said to them, “It is I; Do not be afraid.” and they willingly accepted Him into the boat. (note He was not coming without acceptance)

I imagine the disciples were pretty happy to see Him. If He wasn’t there to help them at least they could ask questions – but of course Jesus came to rescue them. As soon as they invited Him in their boat, they immediately arrived to the land in Capernaum.

The sail was over.

The struggle was over.

I cannot speak for you, but for me – this hit home.

It is not uncommon for God to call me into something that I am unsure of – like the disciples were called to sail across Galilee in the middle of the night. (a lake known for pretty intense winds at night)

Last year I graduated x-ray school. Three weeks before graduation, I was offered a full time job at UMC, where I attended school for the past 2 years. I was comfortable with the hospital; but it was an hour and a half from my home – where I had grown up – all I had ever known.

My mom had just passed away. My almost 9 year relationship had just ended. My best friend since 3rd grade had just been accepted into UMC’s Occupational Therapy program and needed a roommate. Everything in my life directed me to accepting that job and moving to Jackson – so I did.

Yes, I was scared. I was uncomfortable. I was struggling. I still am. But this is where God called me to be. And even though I still have my days where I long to be down the road from my family or in the middle of a cutover watching the sun set – I know I am where I am supposed to be in this chapter of my life.

I know I made the right decision moving here; yet, I am still battling some pretty intense winds from time to time. (adulting – ouch)

This chapter of my life has introduced me to some of the most beautiful (and growing) experiences and people that will forever be a part of me and who I am – who I was meant to become and I could never be more thankful for that.

Finding the beauty in the storm is hard – but keep looking.

Jesus did not leave you. He sees you.

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